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The Colonial Bungalow

The Colonial Bungalow - Hatton​

The Colonial bungalow was built in 1927 , by the Colombo Commercial Company, London, England . It was first owned by Scots, then English, and finally Sri Lankans. In 2004, I moved to Sri Lanka from Europe and bought this property to provide hospitality and entertainment to both local and foreign visitors. 

The bungalow has a total space of 5,000 square feet. It was made of granite cut stones. It features ample parking, as well as  flower and vegetable gardens. A natural spout can also be seen next to the property. The bungalow faces the Castlereigh reservoir directly. You can enjoys the natural surrounding with views of Norwood, Maskeliya Gap, Rockwood, Kew Mountains, and Wanaraja.

A short drive will take you to a historic Anglican church -Chirst Church Warleigh. Norwood and Nortan Bridges provide easy access to Adam’s Peak.

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