Historic Colonial Feeling


The Colonial Bungalow


The Colonial bungalow has five big bedrooms, each with its own balcony. Our bungalow can comfortably accommodate 20 people. These colonial-style rooms featured with queen-size beds, attached bathrooms, a wardrobe and a relaxing sitting space. The outside balcony is perfect for getting in the scenery while sipping a fresh cup of world-famous Ceylon tea.

On request, we serve Sri Lankan cuisine or Western-style breakfast. We will provide additional benefits, if you want to reserve the entire bungalow for a group. You can create your own meal plan, bring vegetables and other foods, and our chef will prepare and serve delicious cuisine. Also, we will prepare a BBQ dinner, upon your request.


    – Television

    – Free WiFi

    – Sitting area

    – Outside Private Balcony

    – Desk

    – Rack for Clothing

    – Free Toiletries